Laura Sutherland

February 9, 2010

The Toss-it System of Packing for a Longer Trip

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When my mother and father returned from a six-week trip to Europe some years ago, my father begged my mother to throw away her capsule wardrobe – a navy blue pantsuit and all of its matching tops.  He’d looked at her in pretty much the same outfit for a total of 42 straight days and was completely sick of it.  Apparently she felt the same way and blithely tossed them in the trash.

So a couple of months later when I headed out on an open-ended trip through Mexico during a break from college, she took me to the local charity consignment store and had me pick out a complete travel wardrobe.  “Make it much more conservative than you usually wear,” she advised, “so you will blend in better.  And then toss the clothes when you get home.”

She was right – when the trip was over I never wanted to look at those clothes again.  Plus it was easy to toss them since we hadn’t spent a fortune on them in the first place.  I would never have worn them at home anyway – they weren’t cool enough.  But they allowed me to move around Mexico incognito – another good strategy on a trip.

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